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The Heart States Are Not Mental Constructs

One common misperception in Buddhism and spirituality is that the heart states are mental constructs that we create. But they are in fact inherently there in our hearts – they are the way that we connect with the outside world. It is the part of our being that receives and consolidates all the information we are receiving.

Universal Love – The Backstory

This is the description of the process that I went through specifically to experience Universal love, which opens us up to a way of being where we are just a container for the Universe to express itself through us, rather than something that is actively doing something.

What Is Interdependent Origination?

What is interdependent origination I hear you ask?

Interdependent origination is the embodied insight that comes from full tantric enlightenment. Full tantric enlightenment comes from bringing awareness to every different aspect of experience in both your individual being and the collective experience.

I explain this in more detail here.

Overview of All Practice

All that practice really is is a way to connect with ourselves or the world in a different way than how we normally operate in our lives. This is an overview of all the different types of practice.

What It’s Like Going Mad

I have been asked a few times what it’s like going mad. What I went through was indescribable in the truest sense of the word – I know that even I have completely lost touch with how awful it was and I was the one who went through it. Communicating it to other people feels almost impossible. But this is my best shot.